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COVID-19 Updates

RV Youth Lacrosse Update

  • We are following all guidance from US Lacrosse and the South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League (SJYLL). (See more detail below)
  • Coaches will provide updates through Sports Engine as soon as information is available

Unfortunately we have decided to cancel all activities for the Sprint 2020 season.  

SJYLL Update

4/29/2020 update:

Lacrosse club Families,

The South Jersey Lacrosse League had a meeting to discuss the status of the current season. The league has decided to cancel the 2020 Lacrosse season. With that being the final decision we are now in the process of finding out exactly what monies will be refunded/credited to us for fees that have been paid. Once we know the final amount we will be able to determine the amount that will be refunded/credited to each member of the RV Lacrosse Club. The RV Lacrosse Club is doing everything we can to be able to refund/credit as much as possible to each player. How this will work is 8th grade players will receive the determined amount in a refund since they will be moving on and unable to participate next season. This will be done via check or electronic credit back to your credit card or banking account depending on how you paid. All other players will receive a credit to be used towards the 2021 season registration. A breakdown of our fixed cost and operational cost will accompany a letter that will be sent to you with a coupon code for next season.


Don Jorgensen, RV Youth Lacrosse President